A motor-sailing vessel (ketch) for sale
Chance en ketchriggad motorseglare

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Chance en ketchriggad motorseglare - babord sida på land

styrbord sida på land styrbord sida på land

Estimated value of newly built vessel lands in the intervall € 500.000- €1000.000. Probably only exclusive shipyards can handle this construction.
Chance is sold due to serious disease in the family. Price on request.

The hull was built in 1956 at ”Saxemara Varv”. The deck, superstructure and interior was crafted in Ängelhom. The vessel was in 1959 completed as a pleasure-boat, in other words, this is not a ”fishing-boat.”
”Exclusive” but extremly usable.  ”Chance” has been in the family since it´s birth.
”Chance” is usually launched in may and pulled out in early september every year. In wintertime the boat is housed in a special indoor boathouse in Ängelholm

“Chance” is in superb condition and simple to maintain (mostly Owatrol)
Normal maintenance: maximum one week every year.
Modernized scandinavian double-ender. Two cabins, Two foresails both with roll, main sail with roll and a mizzen.
Separate lavatory with shower.
Pulpit and davit with 8 feet dinghy.
Length exkl. pulpit and davit 29 feet. Beam 10 feet. Depth 3,7 feet. Displacement 5,0 tons

Buildt 1959 in "Kalmar"-pine, oak, mahogany, teak och oregon-pine. The wood on ”Chance” is in mint condition where ever you look.
Tanks/boxes/sinks are made of non-corrosive material. Fuel 2 p, Water 3 p., Anchor box 1 p. Sinks 2 p., fresh water system 1 p. and sea water system 1 p.
4 cylinder diesel engine (BMC) with unusual low sound-level. Fuel-efficient (normally 1,5-2 litre diesel an hour).
Equipment: lavatory, 12 V – 220 V, liquefied petroleum gas, 2 anemometers, GPS, echo-sounder, solar cell, wind power station, etc., etc.).

Durability? "Forever" with maintenance as seen above. There is no known material that is better than wood, which is treated and properly maintained.
There is no similar boat on the market. ”Unique” and ”one of a kind”  are often missused phrases but both sit well regarding this boat.  Wherever ”Chance” appears, people show great admiration.

More information, contact the owner or Tor Hallaråker, Volda, +47 9587 7713 (eller +47 9428 4990).

Sten W Andersson
Tåstarps Backaväg 384
S 266 92 Munkaljungby
Mobil: + 46 704 18 56 18
private: + 46 431 284 86